I have worked with clay since I was a child. In the past few years, a few recurring themes have arisen:

When I see an object, I see its underlying structure – and an opportunity to explore its components. Seen in this way, my horses could be said to be four tall columns, with the upper part as ornamental and exaggerated as the structure will allow.

For me, this exploration is an end in itself. An exploration of clays, textures, firings, glazes, etc.; I could even see myself exploring textiles, metals, and sounds.

I am currently working on firing glass on clay, and embedding precious metals (PMC) on clay.

I am fascinated by glass. When light penetrates glass, the result is magical: they are like “solid watercolors”.

Ancient cultures fascinate me. I often make my sculptures resemble old relics found amidst ancient ruins. I gave this ancient place a name: Eqqumarka. Eqqu from “horse”; “marka” is the Quechua name for an area or a town.